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Saturday, January 21 2017

Depression hates it prey. The hunted are an enemy with nuclear weapontry to this victimizing mental ravisher. It reaches the most destitute to the most affluent. Regardless of upbringing or social standing, depression lurks behind broken relationships, lost wages, unmet expectations;sudden changes that overwhelm the unsuspecting victim of choice.  

Depression is an unrelenting, unfair opponent that tends to cause the sufferer to believe that there is no escape from their current reality. Hopelessness sets in like rigamortous in the bones. It eats away and decays the interior; self esteem, self confidence, self love; self, making a path to the exterior; the hair, the clothing, the smile. Erosion is the name of the game. 

No amount of positive vibes, candle burning, or chants with unknown tongued mantras will stop this assassin. This sniper is a sharpshooter with precision like aim, hitting its target with expanding bullets. 

Depressions reach becomes magnified with celebrity and status and usually provides less of a door, window, or even a crack in the wall for escape.

The only answer to the madness that go on inside the mind, its renewal of the mind, which only comes through understanding your worth, wealth, and make up in just being created by God. He fashioned you with HIS own hands. He didnt make you anyone's failure, flunky,  or fall out plan. You are an original masterpiece, made in the same pattern as God. God is by no means shabby and neither are you.

God is your way out. 

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